Galaxy S III,block in the United State ?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III which was originally going to towed five major carriers in the United States, seems to be facing a stumbling block of the rival is none other than the iPhone maker, Apple.
 According to the information reported by The Verge, it was reported that Apple has filed a motion to ask the judge to block the marketing of the Galaxy S III in the United States before the shipment starts at the end of this month. Specifically in the report, Apple asked that the judge added Galaxy S III for inclusion in the initial court ruling against the Galaxy Nexus, where the hearing will be set in the near future.
 Apple assumes that the Galaxy S III is quite worth it for the Galaxy Nexus to be bundled in the same motion. As a result if the request is granted, Apple no longer need to apply new, and more importantly the goal to block the Galaxy S III into the hands of customers, too, had been answered as well. In an analysis of a word, Apple claims that the Galaxy S III had violated two of the four patents from what it accused the Galaxy Nexus, including universal search and smart links.
Apple has not concluded two other patents, such as slide to unlock feature and keyboard suggestion is violating the patent. But because it has similarities, the two smartphones that can be assessed together. Associated with what is alleged that Apple, Samsung said that the prosecution could not be done within two days, without due process, and without any factual record. Samsung further said that if Apple asks a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy S III, should be put in motion a separate, about providing both parties sufficient time to analyze the evidence. What will the judge decide on the issue is, we wait for its development.

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